Wet/Dry Vacuums

Karcher NT 35/1 Eco Wet Dry Vac

The main feature of the compact and powerful NT 35/1 Tact is the unique and very effective system for fully automated filter cleaning – the Tact system. With the NT 35/1 Tact it is possible to pick up even large quantities of the finest dust with constantly high airflow. The NT 35/1 Tact can be used as a wet vacuum cleaner for picking up liquids, as well. An electronic control cuts off power to the machine when the maximum capacity has been reached. This wet/dry vacuum cleaner is fully equipped with accessories and ready to use.

ProTeam ProGuard 16 MD

This 16 gallon unit can maneuver easily around obstacles from emergency spills to construction cleanup. The compact size and removable handle allows for easy storage and is equipped with a convenient tool bag to hold all necessary hand tools within reach.


Johnny Vac Industrial & Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum

1000W power, 2 stage filtration, dry and humid materials, CFM: 106, 4 gallons capacity, waterlift: 72″, Weight: 28 lbs, various accessoris available.


Johnny Vac Industrial & Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum

1100W power, 6 gallon capacity, CFM: 128, waterlift: 116″, wet and dry materials, polypropylene tank, round trolly – heavy duty cart, 36mm complete accessories available.


Johnny Vac Industrial & Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum

1000W power, 4 gallon capacity, CFM: 115, waterlift: 95″, polyprolylene tank, complete 36mm accessories available.


Vactec C60 Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum

1.6 HP (1193 Watt) 2 stage bypass motor, 23,400 RPM drawing 11.3 amps, 103 CFM with a 62 db(A) noise level, 25L tank with water lift of 91.5″ for 20L of recovery. Comes with a 50′ cord and a 1 1/2″ X 8′ hose. Optional HEPA type filter and tools available.