Miracle Sanitation Supply can provide you with all of your safety needs, from eye and face protection to hearing protection, head protection, and protective clothing.


Miracle Sanitation can offer a comprehensive series of eye protection, available in many lens shades.


Direct vent & chemical splash configured safety goggles. Wide-angle view lenses for excellent peripheral vision. Lenses are hard coated polycarbonate for 99.9% UV protection. Can be worn over most prescription and safety eyewear.

Face Shields

Ultimate face protection with complete coverage for the face and neck. Mach single and double crowns offer proven impact resistance and lightweight features for comfort and durability.

Disposable Respirators

Approved for 95% efficient protection against non-oil particulates. Also for welding on aluminum or steel where a mask or full-face respirator is not required.

Odyssey Air Purifying

A complete line of air-purifying and air-supplied systems including cartridges and filters for protection against a wide range of industrial contaminants. Interchangeable cartridge/filter configurations allow you to easily and inexpensively re-configure your half or full facepiece respirator to accomodate use in many different applications.

Odyssey 2 Air Purifying

Powered by Survivair, these are the industry’s most comprehensive system of air purifying respirators to the Canadian market.

Ear Plugs

Specially formulated polyurethane foam material offers excellent comfort and is non-allergenic. NRR 29 – NRR 32. Come in singular plugs, corded and banded.

Passive Ear Muffs

Durable headband earmuffs, headband behing earmuffs, folding earmuffs, capmount earmuffs, dielectric capmount earmuffs.

Genvec Protective Clothing

Coveralls with collar, zipper front, elastic wrists and ankles. Coveralls with zippered front, serged seams with elastic wrists, ankles and hood with face opening. Lab coats with collar and elastic cuffs. Sleeve with thumbhole. Shoe cover polypropylene white regular with non-skid tread.