Miracle Sanitation Supply carries a wide variety of quality degreasing products to meet your needs and get the job done. We understand what it takes to be as effective and efficient as you possibly can be. To us that means providing you effective innovative products for every aspect of your facility. We can provide you with everything from industrial heavy duty butyl degreasers, industrial non-butyl degreasers, ready-to-use degreasers and solvent degreasers

Benefect Atomic Degreaser & Cleaner

Benefect Atomic Degreaser is a heavy-duty concentrate based on next-generation dynamic chemistry that dramatically outperforms the competition without using hazardous synthetic chemicals. It is formulated to seek & remove particulate at the atomic level with minimal agitation, making it ideal for heavy duty cleaning, fire and smoke damaged contents and surfaces, trauma scenes, commercial kitchens and other porous and non-porous materials and surfaces. Benefect is made from all natural ingredients, it is readily biodegradable and safe to use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive.

Liquid Chisel Max

This product is an ultra-strength non-butyl degreaser. It is a revolutionary surfactant system, so superior in efficiency that it threatens to replace every all purpose cleaner and heavy duty degreaser on the market today.

Super Kemite Mega Base

This heavy duty industrial degreaser concentrate is designed for tough jobs. This product is formulated to instantly dissolve and emulsify heavy grease, carbon deposits, heavy burns, oil, ink and dirt accumulations.

Liquid Chisel Max Mega Base

This ultra strength non-butyl degreaser is a revolutionary surfactant system designed for tough jobs. This product instantly dissolves greasy, oily spills and holds them in suspension more effectively than competitive formulations. Concentrated and highly economical, this superior formulation provides outstaning cleaning performance on even the toughest soils.

Green Earth Natural Degreaser MB

This super concentrated industrial degreaser cleans tough soils by breaking down grease and oils on floor surfaces. It does not use petroleum derived solvents or alkaline builders. Contains natural soy solvents and a blend of five different surfactants for cleaning many different soils.

Super Kemite

This heavy duty cleaner, degreaser is formulated to instantly dissolve and emulsify heavy grease, carbon deposits, heavy burns, oil, ink and dirt accumulations. Just spray or mop on and rinse it off. This product is perfect for use in automatic scrubbers and pressure washers.

Betco Ultra 2000

This super double strength degreaser concentrate is formulated with twelve different ingredients for extremely tough jobs. Instantly penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil and a viariety of soils. Dilutable with up to 100 parts water for low end use cost. Perfect for cleaning machinery, engines, factory floors, tools, trucks and metal parts. Use in automatic scrubbers, mop buckets, pressure washers, dip tanks or stream cleaners.

Factory Formula HP

This is a high performance industrial cleaner degreaser concentrate that utilizes Aqua-Transolvency technology to remove the most stubborn rubber tire marks, grease, and oil from concrete floors and other surfaces. Perfect for use in automatic floor scrubbers and in mop buckets. Leaves no film.


This ready-to-use all purpose cleaner, degreaser is the perfect product for a variety of surfaces. Simply spray it on and wipe it off. Thie high foaming action provided by this product through a normal trigger sprayer extends the contact time making your cleaning tasks easier. It quickly dissolves the toughest filth, grease, dirt, oil, wax, ink, resin, carbon, soot and soap scum.

Speedex (RTU)

This ready-to-use fast acting, non-butyl cleaner degreaser instantly removes tough, oily, greasy soils from a variety of surfaces. More than just an all purpose cleaner, this powerful degreaser quickly penetrates and dissolves dirt, oil, grease, rubber marks, wax, carbon, and a variety of other soils.

Green Earth Velocity

This neutral non-butyl degreaser rivals the power of an alkaline, butyl degreaser. It contains a synergistic blend of propylene based solvents combined with state of the art surfactants to produce a combination that will make traditional hard surface cleaners obsolete. This versatile, dilutable dynamo quickly and effectively removes inks, oils, greases and fats from a variety of surfaces.

CitruSolv CS

This product is a cold solvent, natural degreaser and deodorizer that quickly penetrates and liquifies heavy grease and oil deposits. It is specifically designed for cleaning parts and electric motors, it is fast evaporating, nonconductive and ideal for replacement of hazardous parts cleaning solutions.

CitruSolv HF

This high flash solvent degreaser is designed to rapidly clean and degrease all types of metal parts, electrical equipment, motors and components. Perfect for use in most solvent based parts washing systems. The non-corrosive formula evaporates quickly with no residue.

CitruSolv 40

This water dilutable, water rinsable multi-purpose degreaser creates an emulsion that removes the heaviest build-ups of grease, oil, ink, adhesives, undercoating and other tough soils. Perfect for use in floor scrubbers, mop buckets and spray and wipe applications. Contains the finest grade of natural citrus terpenes available.

CitruSolv WR

This water rinsable solvent degreaser is a pleasantly scented solvent that removes heavy build-ups of grease, oil, adhesives, undercoating, rubber tire marks and other tough soils. Perfect for dip cleaning an d removing heavy build-up of industrial soil.

CitruSolv Concentrate

Formulated with “natural citrus solvents” to degrease, penetrate and liquify heavy grease and oil deposits from many surfaces, this product is ideal for removing oily films from metal surfaces, unclogging drains and grease traps, removing tar from most hard surfaces, cleaning motors, removing adhesives, decals and many other difficult cleaning tasks.