Ice Melters

Miracle Sanitation Supply carries Polar Plus Natural Ice Melt Crystals as well as Yukon Gold.

Yukon Gold Ice Melter

  • We sell Yukon Gold in 16kg pails – Item #YUKONGOLD16

Yukon Gold also generates heat for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature to -31 degrees celsius. This product contains calcium chloride, the best ice melter ingredient, for the best combination of speed and duration in ice melting. environmentally inert blue marker shows where product is applied and reduces incidence of over-application, leaving no colour residue. Yukon Gold will not harm vegetation, properly air-entrained concrete or pets when used as directed.

Polar Plus Ice Melter

  • We sell Polar Plus ice melt in 20kg bags – Item # POLARPLUS20
  • Or in the 10kg bags – Item #POLARPLUS10

Polar Plus is a quality product made with calcium chloride and is effective to -23 degrees celsius. Each granule is coated with calcium chloride brine to improve performance, a technique used by highways departments to improve the melting performance of salt. The crystals generate heat for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better.

This ice melt is very economical and fast, contains green marker dye which improves visibility for spreading and is made from natural ingredients that won’t harm concrete or vegetation when used as directed.


The heavy duty green traction product you need for our rough Canadian winters!