Floor Pads

Miracle Sanitation Supply carries a huge variety of tough, long lasting floor pads for every floor maintenance job. We carry a pad for every use, from 10 inch to 28 inch sizes.

A Pad for Every Use

All of our floor maintenance pads are designed and produced to give superior performance on specific floor surfaces. They can be used wet or dry with conventional or high speed machines in insitutional, commercial or industrial applications.

All pads are a blend of 100% virgin polyester and/or 100% virgin nylon fibers bonded with a tough, strong, elastic synthetic resin and impregnated with abrasives. The specific types of fibers and abrasives used are related to the aggressiveness required for the particular floor maintenance procedure.

Each pad is designed and constructed to provide thorough and continuous contact with floor surface. Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and permits faster pad cleaning under running water. All pads are usable on both sides with equal effectiveness.