Spray, Disinfect and Protect

Portable Air Purifier

Reduces microorganisms such as SARS-CoV2 and Rhinovirus in 5 minutes.

Titan Airless Sprayers

Titan Airless Sprayers have been approved to disinfect and protect against viruses. Our sprayers combined with our HEA (High Efficient Airless) tips provide the right atomization and 10 minute dwell time without over saturation. Super easy and efficient, able to cover large areas with ease. Uses less product then other methods to save money.

Hand Sanitizer

Miracle Sanitation currently has several options for your hand sanitizing needs.

Solution Wipes

Build your own wet wipe system in bags.

Certainty Wipes

We can provide sanitizing wipes for every need, please check out the Certainty Wipes Selector.

Disinfecting is now more critical than ever and we have the solution!